The History of Bioclinica, so far...

The history of Bioclinica begins in 1990 with the founding of Bio-Imaging Technologies, an early pioneer in the Imaging Core Lab industry. The company quickly developed a reputation for quality service and experienced continual growth and success.

As pharmaceutical companies embraced clinical trial technology, Bio-Imaging's leaders sought to expand their service portfolio to offer customers a comprehensive suite of clinical trial management solutions. This vision inspired the acquisition of Phoenix Data Systems in 2008, a growing provider of eClinical solutions which had been in business since 1997. With a fresh start and a new direction, the expanded company was re-branded as Bioclinica in 2009. Over the next several years, Bioclinica continued to build its services platform by combining a mix of in-house technological innovation with a number of strategic acquisitions.

In 2013, Bioclinica completed a successful merger with CoreLab Partners, a leading provider of imaging core lab and cardiac safety services. This merger united two of the most experienced and trusted authorities in medical imaging management and created a new industry leader for clinical trial services. CoreLab Partners' roots included RadPharm and Medifacts International, a pioneer in cardiac safety services founded in 1985.

In early 2014, Bioclinica merged with CCBR-SYNARC to create the largest global provider of medical image analysis and comprehensive cardiac safety services with unrivalled scientific and operational leadership. This merger also expanded Bioclinica's clinical trial offerings to include new service lines for patient recruitment and biochemical marker analysis.

Each stage of Bioclinica's development has resulted in a company that is positioned to offer comprehensive support for clinical trials with scientific and medical expertise, industry-leading technology, and broad clinical trial experience.

As a company that believes in the power of collaboration, Bioclinica continues to expand its clinical trial capabilities through integrated partnerships with leading service and technology providers. This approach allows us to offer customers the best possible solutions for their trial needs.

Quick Facts

  • More than 2,300 Employees Worldwide
  • Business and Operational Offices in the United States, Europe and Asia
  • 400+ Clients Including all of the Top 20 Pharmaceutical and Biotech Companies
  • 30+ Years in Business Supporting over 4,000 Clinical Trials
  • Core Products and Services
    • Medical Imaging analysis and consultation that track the efficacy and safety of new drugs and medical devices across major therapeutic areas, including oncology, neuroscience, musculoskeletal and cardiovascular.
    • Cardiovascular safety and efficacy that evaluate the safety and efficacy profiles for compounds and medical devices in development.
    • Patient Recruitment through a global network of 26 dedicated research centers that enroll and retain qualified patients from targeted geographies to participate in trials
    • Central Lab Services for biochemical marker selection, validation and analysis from samples originating from Phase I-IV trials.
    • eClinical technologies and consulting services that improve the efficiency and management of drug development, including electronic data capture (EDC), interactive response technologies (IRT), clinical trial management systems (CTMS), and risk based monitoring (RBM) solutions.