Image Collection and Quality Control

Bioclinica employs a Multi-Step Quality Control process that ensures the image data received from the sites will be of the highest quality. Our Quality Control enables thorough and precise image data management and analysis. We accept DICOM or manufacturer specific formats. Our ICL collection management process is designed to detect early on any substandard image quality or violations of the imaging protocol.

All image data (digital, film) benefits from this collection management process, which prevents back-end delays and decreases the number of queries. We maximize your subject’s image data to help achieve the statistical power of your study. The end result is quality measurement data, delivered on time and within budget.

This imaging core lab collection management process includes, but is not limited to the following:

  • Collect image data
  • Query sites for missing data
  • Translate/Digitize image data
  • Image QA/QC
  • Image data query resolution
  • Archive for long-term storage


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