Study Initiation and Startup

Imaging core lab study initiation is one of the most demanding and time-critical components of clinical trial management. This is evident for our sponsor's project team as well as ours. There are a number of key tasks that must be coordinated and performed simultaneously to ensure FPFV is attained on time. Bioclinica has a dedicated imaging core lab Start-Up Team that assists the Project Manager to conduct and implement the tasks and functions for a smooth and effective study initiation. The Start-Up Team is another component of our imaging core lab quality process.

These imaging core lab tasks include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Identify expert readers and consultants
  • Assign project team
  • Engage Study Start-up Team
  • Design imaging protocol
  • Communication plans
  • Project specific work instructions
  • Develop Imaging Review Charter
  • Deploy site surveys
  • Attend investigator meetings
  • Provide imaging study kits
  • Perform site visits
  • Conduct web-based training


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