SMART Imaging Services

Bioclinica provides global support for clinical trials through the use of SMART, a full suite of medical imaging services backed by proprietary technology. Sites and sponsors enjoy secure, role-based access to their trial information and reporting via SMART's web-enabled customer portal.

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SMART Imaging Services

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Investigator sites send clinical trial images directly to Bioclinica using a secure internet portal, eliminating costly and slower courier services. Once received, images undergo review for quality control and query management. Experts provide independent review, evaluation, and analysis in a completely blinded fashion. The results are then compiled and prepared for delivery to the clinical trial sponsor.

SMART Submit
Electronically upload imaging data from clinical trial sites via a web portal. Medical images are blinded and undergo rigorous quality checks to ensure the highest quality imaging data and maximize clinical trial efficiency. Sites can easily track and manage images through our custom designed submission portal.

SMART Manage
Tracks all patients enrolled on studies and all imaging data generated during the course of a clinical trial. Qualified technicians use innovative tools to review, update, and assure compliance with clinical trial protocols and defined reading paradigms. Enables queries to be issued, tracked, and resolved.

SMART Analyze
High quality independent image review by in-house and contracted radiologists and therapeutic area imaging specialists. Bioclinica has developed and validated a library of image processing algorithms across therapeutic areas for qualitative and quantitative clinical trial endpoints. Independent review applications are configurable to meet client specifications.

SMART Report
A comprehensive reporting service for sites and sponsors which supports the management and review of data for clinical trials. Sponsors gain access to metrics reports, custom client reports, analysis results reports, safety and eligibility reports and billing reports.

SMART Transfer
Tools that enable clinical trial data delivery, including patient data and imaging data, to sponsors, external vendors and partners. Bioclinica’s transfer tools support a wide range of formats, to meet client and project specifications.