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Kenneth Clark

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Kenneth Clark
Vice President, RTSM Professional Services

Ken Clark has been involved with IRT systems since 2003, back when they were still called IVR systems, and occasionally "IWR." He has seen the RTSM industry from many angles. He led the development team which created one of the industry's first parameterized IRT systems for a top 5 pharma client in his early years. After that, he managed the development and multi-partner integration programs for a global clinical inventory management and QA system, also for a top 5 pharma client. Since then, he has served as the head of the Bioclinica Consulting Group and most recently as Bioclinica's Vice President of RTSM Professional Services, covering delivery of all RTSM services, encompassing RTSM project management, RTSM consulting services, RTSM operations, and clinical supply chain optimization. He is currently Vice President of RTSM Product Delivery, responsible for Bioclinica's suite of RTSM applications, including the Trident IRT.


The clinical randomization and supply chain management systems we now dub “IRT” were initially built as fully customized IT projects, individualized and implemented separately for each study. While the processes have improved since then and some IRT providers are now using systems designed for more configurability, the mindset of customizing IRT systems for each study persists.


Leader in Clinical Trial
Management Solutions

Bioclinica is organized into three business segments so that we can provide expert service and multifaceted technologies. Our Medical Imaging & Biomarkers segment includes an Imaging Core Lab, a Cardiovascular Safety division, and a Molecular Marker Laboratory. Our eHealth segment comprises eClinical Solutions, Randomization & Trial Supply Management, Safety & Regulatory Solutions, and Financial Lifecycle Solutions. Under the Global Clinical Research segment, we offer a network of research sites, patient recruitment, and a Post-Approval Research division.

Handy guide for the pharmacovigilance folks!
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