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Trident IRT

Bioclinica's Trident is the industry's only IRT system that provides advanced visibility to working study prototypes within just a few days - letting you build, implement, test and deploy new protocols in as little as two weeks, with or without customization. And Trident's integration with Bioclinica's Optimizer supply management software lets you identify and adjust enrollment rates and supply needs based on trial actuals, so you get to database lock faster, with significantly lower cost and effort, and with higher-quality data.

Rapid Start Up of Complex Studies


Set up, test, and deploy study protocols within weeks instead of months with Trident — a parameter-driven Interactive Response Technology (IRT) solution. Because the programming is already done, little or no system development effort is required. In fact, Trident reduces the average set up time 50 to 75 percent compared to IRT systems built from the ground up for each new study.

Rapid configuration combined with robust functionality make Trident the IRT of choice for fast launch of complex clinical studies. Built-in alerts and notifications provide proactive tools that help bridge the gap between sites and supply chain management. Adaptive study design, temperature controlled supply management, and drug accountability are standard features. Additionally, a unique set of high-performance capabilities make Trident a best-in-class IRT for the most demanding studies.

Trident IRT provides the ideal solution for the following:

Subject Randomization

Randomizing study subjects into treatment arms for clinical trials can be a difficult and complex undertaking. Study subject bias can be introduced during randomization. Increasingly complex study designs and treatment scenarios complicate the process. Trident simplifies randomization and minimizes study subject allocation bias using proven statistical methods.

Additionally, Trident IRT:

  • Re-randomizes subjects into another treatment arm for another study phase.
  • Randomizes another study subject into a treatment group to replace dropped participants without disrupting study balance.
  • Supports extension studies, rolling over qualified subjects from one study to another.

Drug Tracking, Dispensing and Reconciliation

Trident is tailored to visit-specific strata, making it easy to manage complex dosing scenarios. Because it is configurable for predictive re-supply based on actual demand, Trident eliminates drug supply over-stocks and stock-outs. Additional value-added features include:

  • A controlled substance inventory management tool provides tracking and monitoring to the pill level. Set customizable site inventory limit controls, shipment restrictions, and threshold alerts. Track medication status along the entire supply chain and know whether it was taken, disposed, lost, destroyed, or returned.
  • Drug pooling functionality minimizes drug waste and eliminates unnecessary labeling costs.
  • Combine Trident and Optimizer, Bioclinica's advanced supplies simulation and forecasting tool, for a global supply management solution. Manage clinical supplies based on actual usage and forecasting consumption to significantly minimize waste and reduce costs.

User Requirement Specifications

While the Trident User Requirements Specification is short and simplified, it is fully comprehensive and designed to enable Bioclinica to define the study and match all of your parameters.

This creates a smooth process that helps eliminate errors, misunderstandings, and unwelcome surprises. Built precisely to your specifications, Trident is an easy to validate IRT. Since voice and web components are integrated, there is only one system setup.

Intuitive User Experience

Trident is the intuitive, easy to use IRT designed for the way users actually work. Trident maximizes user productivity and minimizes frustration. Clean screen layout and straightforward navigation guide users to complete tasks in logical progression. Users appreciate the ability to correct data entry errors and print reports when needed. Sites find it especially useful to access reports on their dashboard. System performance is fast and flexible and multiple languages are supported. Since it is so easy to use, training is brief — less than an hour.

Contact us to take Trident IRT for a test drive and see why Bioclinica's global customers use it for the most complicated study scenarios.

Trident IRT Resources

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The Value of Protocol Review

One of our strategic customers recently invited me to review a draft protocol synopsis for a pivotal Phase III registration study. As the provider of the randomization and trial supply management (RTSM) solution  for the study, I relished the opportunity.

The clinical randomization and supply chain management systems we now dub “IRT” were initially built as fully customized IT projects, individualized and implemented separately for each study.

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Bioclinica Agile RTSM

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Trident IRT

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Trident IRT Reporting Capabilities

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Agile IRT: Improving Quality and Efficiency in the Study Build Process

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Feasibility of shipping clinical trial drugs
directly to patients' homes

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